With our clients, we focus on principles
that are grounded in an agile and “people-first” mindset

End-to-End Costs

Findlay operates from a Total Cost of Ownership perspective. Using a metrics-driven approach, we exert systematic control over critical performance factors to produce a more leveraged impact on our clients’ annual program costs

Modern Tools to Support Moving Programs

Our tools and services make it easy for you to support the modern mobile workforce. HR and procurement specific resources and 24/7 support that make moving programs seamless for your team

Global Reach With Zero Defect Service

We are process oriented and operate our global service based on performance metrics. In an industry that tends to lag, our team commits to continuous process optimization to keep on pace with our leading-edge clients


Moving is a high-touch process that can become overwhelming for teams or employees. Findlay human-centered approach creates the ideal experience for both corporate teams and their workforce


We are guided by tight process metrics but also adjust our moving strategy based on how well your team is reaching its defined mobility business objectives

Agile & Independent

Founded on innovation, we still cultivate enterprise agility to stay ahead of the workplace trends.

Our offerings go far beyond the traditional moving model, with our integrated approach to technology, service, and analytics, Findlay is the partner to take your moving program into the future of mobility

what your are saying

"What Talent Is Saying"

"Very quick, friendly and knew how to handle not only packing up our apartment, but handle us as well. Thank you!"

Jersey City, NJ to Los Angeles, CA

"Great team. Friendly, smart. Best we’ve ever had!"

Rye, NY to Zurich, Switzerland

"I thought that the service was very efficient. The crew was very nice, helpful and understood our needs. It was also emotional and they understood it. We are moving after 10 years. Thanks! Great Planning!"

New York, NY to Houston, TX

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While we maintain a focus on technology enablement and process improvement, moving is human at its core and it’s the baseline for our entire approach. No matter the industry, client, or project, Findlay has a practice of “remaining human” and understands moving as an emotional process.

We work with organizations across all industries to help them deliver superior moving experiences to their employee. Our moving programs are tailored to focus on your company’s strategic priorities and provide a seamless, high-touch moving experience for your talent or team. We always have a direct contact for your employees or team and provide clear moving expectations for stakeholders.

Whether your team is moving a handful of employees a year, an entire service center, or needs a full relocation program, we have processes in place that allow for quick deployment of end-to-end moving solutions.

Using our deep mobility and moving operations experience, we transform our clients’ mobility offerings and moving capabilities, helping them to leverage mobility as strong employee engagement program or to maximize operational efficiency for commercial moving needs.

Recognizing that each company’s service design and operations needs and goals are unique, our work begins with a careful review of our clients’ mobility capabilities and current performance as well as their relocation objectives.
improvements and behavioral change on a large scale.

Findlay is committed to continuous process improvement and is built on policies and practices that facilitate speed and change. We use applied digital technologies and advanced analytics, such as GPS tracking and real-time data, to achieve these process improvements.

We are driven internally by process metrics and adjust our client strategy by measuring the outcome moves. Findlay tracks what moving programs are truly impacting our clients’ businesses.

Historically, big beat small. Scale was a sufficient advantage. Now, flexibility and adaptive beats slow and steadfast. Our agile approach and measurement system, allows us to quickly deliver cost-efficient and streamlined moving programs to or clients.